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Questions about an order?
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Logging for the first time?
+ Go to
+ Enter your Email Address and Password
+ Set up your profile
+ Begin your order

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You are now ready to use the ChargePoint fuflillment system. Click “Begin a New Order” to start ordering.
+ Find an item. Note: Additional items may be added in later steps.
+ You may click on the thumbnail to see a larger preview, or preview the collateral you’re ordering.
+ Select the office (if applicable) and quantity from the product’s pull down.
+ Click “+ Add”.
+ You will see the item in your shopping cart (Your Cart).

Proof your item (if custom, i.e. business cards)
+ Review your custom information. Note: You can change your imprint here.
+ If ok, click “Checkout”.
+ You will then see a proof of your item; Please note that this is a true proof, so what you see is what you get.
+ If you approve your proof, you will be taken to checkout with your order summary
+ In “Checkout” you then need to pick your department from the drop down menu in the “Billing Information” and con rm the “Shipping Method” and “Ship To” info. Here you can Add More Products, change quantities, change Requester Information, and change Shipping Information. You will need to click Update if you make any changes.
+ If you click Add More Products, follow the same process.
+ Click “Review Order” and con rm your billing info, shipping method and ship to address.
+ Click “Send Order” if you are finished adding products and/or making edits.
+ Here you can Make Changes or if you are finished Send Over. Note: there’s a Cancel This Order link located on the top of every page (excluding the order cofirmation page)

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